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Ratboys' Julia Steiner on New Album 'The Window,' Sequencing a Track List and the Transitory Music Landscape

Promotional photo of the band Ratboys. Three white men are cross-legged behind Julia Steiner, a white woman, who's laying on her side in the foreground.
Alexa Viscius

Julia Steiner (front) is the lead singer of Ratboys, an indie rock band from Chicago. Ratboys will perform at the Reverb Lounge in Omaha on Oct. 19. Their latest album "The Window" was released in August.

For genres like alt, punk and indie, there was a point when these things were directly opposed to anything mainstream and corporate, but then, somewhere along the way, they became styles and aesthetics that could also be mainstream.

It's not always clear what it means to be alt-rock or alt-country these days or even how to listen to an album in the streaming age where our music habits are changing so rapidly all the time.

On today's show, Tom Knoblauch is in conversation with Julia Steiner from the band Ratboys about their new album "The Window," the ever-shifting music landscape,and how Steiner developed her unique style over the past decade.

Ratboys will perform at the Reverb Lounge on Oct. 19.

Courtney is back in her hometown after graduating from the University of Kansas in 2019 with degrees in journalism and film. While at KU, she was the arts and culture editor of the University Daily Kansan and had a summer internship at KCUR, Kansas City's NPR member station. She has three pet rats and has seen almost every Audrey Hepburn movie.
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