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“The Seeding” Review & “Invisible Nation” with Vanessa Hope

The Seeding

"The Seeding," a compelling indie psychological thriller, features one of my all-time favorite actor, Kate Lyn Shiel. A dedicated photographer, portrayed with unwavering commitment by Scott Hayes, finds himself lost in the desert while attempting to aid a child searching for his parents during an eclipse. His journey takes an unexpected turn as he stumbles upon a secluded house in a canyon, accessible only by a ladder, and encounters a mysterious woman. Soon, he discovers that escape is not an option, or at least isn’t an easy proposition.

This film unfolds as a slow burn, immersing us in the initial disorientation and confusion felt by the main character. As the situation unravels, it captivates and draws viewers in, transitioning from uncertainty to hope and a palpable sense of dread. The standout performances, particularly Kate Lyn Shiel's impeccable portrayal, elevate the film. Shiel skillfully navigates a thin line between menace, mystery, and victimhood, delivering a riveting experience within the compact duration of an hour and a half.

"The Seeding" maintains a grounded atmosphere despite the potential pitfalls with a film in essentially one location. It successfully delivers genuinely creepy moments and haunting images that linger in the mind, leaving a sense of dread even after the credits roll. Notably, the film's score adds to the tension, offering a taut and occasionally calming backdrop that enhances the overall immersive experience.

The Seeding comes out on video on demand today, January 26th.

Invisible Nation

Invisible Nation is a new documentary by filmmaker Vanessa Hope, that explores the tensions that exist between China and Taiwan, through a portrait of their first female president, Tsai Ing-wen. The film is powerful and informative, and i thought it deserved a deeper dive with the filmmaker.

Invisible Nation just played at Slamdance and is making its way to other film festivals.

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